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Exploring Nanoparticles with Particle Metrix Analyzers

Advances in nanoparticle measurement techniques are required as more accurate and reliable data are needed for both naturally occurring as well as engineered nanoparticles. With its remarkable family of colloid analyzers Particle Metrix can provide the required comprehensive nanoparticle characterization.

You can measure zeta potential with the versatile Stabino® over a wide size and concentration range (see table below). The interdependence between nanoparticles and their surrounding fluid can be studied with rapid particle charge / polyelectrolyte titrations. With its titration efficiency Stabino® opens a new field of particle charge finger printing. Associated aggregation can be spotted with NANO-flex® DLS size measurements at high concentration, or complementary Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis with ZetaView® for low concentrations.

Comprehensive nanoparticle characterization

Particle Metrix's Stabino®, NANO-flex® and ZetaView® offer complementary answers and extraordinary benefits. Size and zeta potential distributions as well as particle concentration can be measured in widest ranges of size, concentration and conductivity.

An overview on nanoparticle measurement technology with charge titration for stability analysis, 180° DLS dynamic light scattering and Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis (NTA) for determination of size distribution. Nanoparticle zeta potential, fluorescence and particle concentration.

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