Biological nanoparticles such as extracellular vesicles (EVs), exosomes, viruses, or virus-like particles are in the growing interest of the biosciences and nanomedicine. With the NTA technology, particles are individually measurable in a physiological buffer and you observe what you measure in a video. A new step forward in convenience and speed for fluorescence studies of EV-antibody conjugates has been achieved with the ZetaView® TWIN. Lasers and fluorescence filters are pre-selectable via the software. This procedure saves time and sample.

Typical application

Determining the absolute concentration is one of the strengths of the NTA technique. In scatter mode, the concentration of all particles is measured. Changing subsequently to the fluorescence mode, marked biologic nanoparticles are tracked. By using two lasers within a SOP assisted sequence, it is possible to differentiate between two different fluorescence dyes in the same sample. Phenotyping of tetraspanins for instance, on vesicles and virus is facilitated, positive and isotype control as well. To prepare instrument settings, standard EVs may be used (HBM HansaBioMed


ZetaView® NTA Simulator


  • very short measuring times
  • "Ready to use" calibration standard
  • 11 measuring positions, optionally combined with dosing steps
  • Outlier free result
  • sample recovery
  • Low Bleach Technology
  • Fully automatic focusing of the optics
  • Quartz cell channel and easy cleaning
  • SOP methodology
  • Applicable in the GMP range
  • IQ / OQ / PQ

  • 2 fluorescence channels per sample
  • Laser and fluorescence channels switched per mouse click
  • Choice of different fluorescence settings per SOP
  • Choice between the following laser combinations:
    • 405 nm and 488 nm
    • 405 nm and 520 nm
    • 405 nm and 640 nm
    • 488 nm and 640 nm
    • 520 nm and 640 nm

Example Application

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Operating ZetaView®

11 Positions Scan

To capture many individual particles in the field of view, the ZetaView® optic scans a wide field of the cell channel. In addition, additional sample volume is automatically added by means of a precise pump.

Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis (NTA) with ZetaView®

Brownian Diffusion in the Laser Scattering Video Microscope

120 nm Al203 particles and agglomerates in the electrophoresis set-up of ZetaView