Life Science

Nanoparticle Analyzers for dispersions and

macromolecular solutions


Nanoparticle Tracking

Measurement range: 10 nm to 20 µm
particle size
Particle concentration 0,5 x 10^6 -
10^10 particles/mL
Measurement at 1, 2 and 11 locations
in the cell channel


180° DLS Size

180° DLS Dynamic Light Scattering
System with dip-in-probe for
polyelectrolyte solutions and dispersions
up to 40% vol.

Measurement range: 0.3 nm to 10 µm.


The colloid product line can now be found at Colloid Metrix  Colloid Metrix

What would you like to measure?

Nanoparticles in biological fluids, analysed individually

Nanoparticles are everywhere in the body fluids - extracellular vesicles (EVs), exosomes, LDL, HDL, viruses, proteins, ... With the ZetaView® NTA technique by Particle Metrix they can be characterized reliably and quickly. A single measurement on a set of individual particles at the same time provides several results: particle concentration, size, surface charge and pattern.The ZetaView® is a laser scattered light video microscope with fluorescence potential for the evaluation of phenotypic properties of nanoparticles.

As a supplement to the NTA, results from the DLS 180 ° Dynamic Light Scattering are used. The size and concentration range should be regarded as "complementary". Typically, this supplement serves with the simultaneous occurrence of proteins, lipids and macromolecules. From the DLS 180 ° analysis, the concentration and size of the particles occurring in the lowest nanometer range are derived.

The company headquarter is in Meerbusch near Dusseldorf, whereas the production and development site ist located in Inning near Munich. Learning from customer applications is the guiding priciple of Particle Metrix. Our team of biologists, physicists, chemists, and engineers is looking forward to getting in contact with you.

An overview on nanoparticle measurement technology with 180° DLS dynamic light scattering and Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis (NTA) for determination of size distribution. Nanoparticle zeta potential, fluorescence and particle concentration.

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