The know-how of Particle Metrix GmbH lies in development, production and distribution of particle analysis instruments. The company headquarter and the sales & support centre is in Meerbusch near Dusseldorf. The production and development is located in Inning near Munich. For the portfolio of measurement instruments, a competent team of chemist and physicists is available to the customers. These are analysers for particle size and zeta potential measurements, which are divided in the product lines "Colloid Analysis" and "Life Science". In the colloidal field the targets are size and stability measurements (charge titration / zeta potential determination) of macromolecular solutions, emulsions and dispersions, whereas life science covers the analysis of extracellular vesicles (exosomes), protein aggregation and the clinical diagnostics. Here, the interest focusses on size and concentration determination and zeta potential measurement.

Particle Metrix GmbH was founded by Margret Böck, Chemist, and Dr. Hanno Wachernig, Physicist, in the year 2004. Both of them are highly experienced in particle characterisation. They worked many years for international particle size analyser companies. During the first two years, the focus was on consultancy for particle characterisation. The development of own nanoparticle analysers started in 2006.

In the year 2006, the ZetaView® I was introduced to the market. At this time, the main application was the measurement of zeta potential via Nanoparticle Tracking Analaysis (NTA).

Since 2006, Particle Metrix GmbH (besides its own products) has taken over the distribution of the products of Microtrac Inc. in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Besides continuous further development of the ZetaView® I, it was parallely worked on a new measurement device. So, in 2008 the StabiSizer® was released. With the StabiSizer® charge titration by means of streaming potential measurement and 180° heterodyne Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS) was combined in one instrument.

Also in 2008, the new company headquarter for sales & support in Meerbusch with an application laboratory was opened.

In 2011, the Microtrac Europe GmbH, also founded by Margret Böck and Dr. Hanno Wachernig, took over the distribution of Particle Metrix products. This was a purely sales & support orientated company operating within EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Afrika). During the time of distribution by Microtrac Europe, Particle Metrix worked on a new product family. So, finally in the year 2012 the new colloid line including the  measurement instruments Stabino®, NANO-flex® and ZetaCheck could be launched.

The new instruments are very modular and thus combinable particle size and charge (zeta potential) analysers using the well-known 180° DLS and the streaming potential mehods.

With the presentation of ZetaView® II in the year 2013, the new product line „Life Science“ was established. Here as well, special attention was given to the high flexibility and combinability of the ZetaView® and NANO-flex®.

In February 2015, Margret Böck and Dr. Hanno Wachernig founded the Particle Metrix Inc. in the USA to directly serve the challenging American market.

With the worldwide growing demand of Particle Metrix products, in mid 2015 the new production & development site in Inning near Munich was established.

Since the founding of Particle Metrix GmbH, the company is certified under DIN EN ISO 9001.

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References in research and industry testify the reliability of our products and our competence.

Particle Metrix GmbH it also well-networked with its cooperation partners. (see Our Partners).